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Asexuality and Sex Toy Reviews | Ace in the Hole

I talk about asexuality, sex toys, SEO for sex bloggers, and whatever else strikes my fancy!

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Asexual Outreach

Asexual Outreach is an organization that provides resources and support to ace and aro community groups to help them create change on a local level, and one that works with school boards and other LGBTQ+ organizations to help them build ace and aro inclusion into their programs and services.

Celibrate - Celebrating Celibacy, Virginity, Chastity

Celibrate exists to support and encourage celibates, virgins, asexuals and all those who are sexually abstinent in a highly sexualised society

Virginity Chastity Abstinence Celibate Celibacy

Plant tissue culture from Growmore Bio-tech Ltd.

Plant tissue culture. Growmore Biotech is a pioneer in the field of plant tissue culture, with a rich experience of over 25 years. click now to know more.

Tissue Culture Micro Propagation Bamboo

Gerlind UC Lehmann - Home - PD Dr. Gerlind U. C. Lehmann

PD Dr. Gerlind UC Lehmann - Evolutionary Biologist at the Humboldt University Berlin. Research focus on Behavioral Physiology of bushcrickets (katydids), with an emphasis on mating systems, sensory ecology and nuptial gifts.

Poecilimon Nuptial Gifts Spermatophores Spermatophylax

What is the scientific evidence on homosexuality|is homosexuality genetic|are brains gay?|What causes…

an exhaustive scientific study of the causes of homosexuality showing that homosexuality is not inborn or fixed and that change is possible. Download My Genes Made me Do It! - Homosexuality and the Scientific Evidence

Pathetic Geek Stories

Pathetic Geek Stories, true tales of humiliation and awkwardness. Submitted by readers, drawn by Maria Schneider, formerly in The Onion.

Geek Nerd Weakling Weak Funny

Sexless Marriage Discussion Forums - Index

A sexless marriage is a marriage in which little or no sexual activity occurs between the two spouses.

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