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History of Art

History of Art: From Paleolithic Age to Contemporary Art

Paleolithic Age Civilizations Prehistoric Art

IQ Test

IQ Test - Take the New Age IQ Test and the Ancient Civilization IQ Test and test your knowledge of these subjects. Also coming soon: The Salem Massachusetts IQ Test.

Test Tests Testing Fun New

New Civilization Network

A network of people sharing their visions and collaborating in making the world work for everyone.

New Civilization Network Civilizations NCN

Redsend Tech Space

It is important for everyone to understand the role of technology in human civilizations. Once that is clear, then people can strive to make it better in every way.

Redsend Tech Space Important Understand

The Omega Stone: The Sequel To Riddle Of The Sphinx

This CD-ROM adventure game picks up where "Riddle of the Sphinx" left off. Explore some of the most mysterious places on earth

Omni Creative Group Rom Gaming

Salantra and Heaven on Earth International

Salantra guides and supports others in becoming conscious of the “co-creative essence” that is already unified from within. This evolutionary experience of cohesion enables all that you/we are within the realm of oneness to emerge, and live as conscious living masters fully present on the new Earth.

Salantra Heaven Earth International Kelowna

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Women Ancient World Status Role World History in Five Epochs

Presents a new theory of world history which links changes in communication technology to new civilizations

World History Civilization Book Five

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