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Brown Bear Corporation

Brown Bear corp is a privately held company manufacturing for the backfilling,trench filling,compost turners,windrow turners,windrow aerators,litter pasteurization,in-house litter composting,bioremediation,sludge drying,biosolids composting,brush shredder,forestry shredders,skid loader mulchers,skid…

Compost Equipment Dairy Poulry Feedlot

Find Composting Worms and Worm Farms Today - Find

Find composting worms online. A full database of worm farms across the country that supply red wigglers that are perfect for your home composting unit. Information about red worms, home composters, and links to vermicomposting accessories.

Compost Worms Composting Eisenia Fetida provides all the necessary materials and supplies required for vermicomposting at home and in school.

Composting Worms Vermicomposting Worm Bins

Composting, Renewable Energy & Sustainability | BioCycle

Published since 1960, BioCycle is the foremost magazine on composting, organics recycling, anaerobic digestion and renewable energy.

Composting Renewable Energy Sustainability Biocycle

MyHealthyGarden: a Guide to Organic Gardening, Health and Personal Fitness

An Online Guide to Organic Gardening, Health and Personal Fitness

Health Organic Garden Herbs Flowers

Root Simple | low tech home tech

Root Simple is about back to basics, DIY living, encompassing homegrown vegetables, chickens, herbs, hooch, bicycles, cultural alchemy, and common sense.

Age Limits Animals Appropriate Technology

St. Louis Composting, Enriching the Soil - Naturally - Since 1992. 636-861-3344

St. Louis Composting operates the largest composting facility in Missouri and is the largest composter in the St. Louis region, recycling more than one-third of all yard waste generated in St. Louis County. †It currently processes roughly 300,000 cubic yards of green waste annually -- more than 10…

STL Composting Louis Stlcompost Compost

Buy Red Wigglers Worm Composting and Vermicomposting supplies

Over 40 years of Red Wigglers Worm Composting experience. We sell live red wiggler worms year round, worm composting bins and other vermicomposting supplies.

Wigglers Worm Composting Vermicomposting Supplies

Gardening - Complete Garden Planting and Growing Guide

Complete Gardening Reference for Canada, USA and Europe. All topics - from composting to harvesting. Vegetables, flowers, herbs. Pest and animal control. Free Gardening Videos!

USA Gardener Gardening Garden Vegetable

Red worms, Eisenia Foetida, Organic Soil Castings & Vermiculture, Worm Composting, Yelm Earthworm…

Specializing in worms,organic soil,worm composting,vermiculture,breeding supplies, since 1991. Yelm Earthworm & Castings Farm

Worms Eisenia Foetida Organic Soil

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