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BFE is a graphical front-end for the Bochs debugger

BFE Graphical Front Bochs Debugger

Bytecode Viewer - Java & Android APK Reverse Engineering Suite/Tool

A Java Reverse Engineering Suite. GUI Java And APK Decompiler, Editor, Debugger And More.

Java Bytecode Decompiling Debugging Smali

DNSSEC Analyzer

The DNSSEC Analyzer from VeriSign Labs is an on-line tool to assist with diagnosing problems with DNSSEC-signed names and zones.

DNS DNSSEC Test Testing Debug

Entrek Software, Inc.

Memory leaks on Windows CE are easily eliminated with CodeSnitch. Find resource leaks, runtime errors, invalid parameters, and more.

Procman CodeSnitch Windows Wince Embedded

Gubed PHP Debugger download |

Download Gubed PHP Debugger for free. Gubed PHP Debugger is a program to debug PHP scripts. It currently supports stepping through code, watching contents of variables and setting breakpoints (line and conditional).

Gubed Php Debugger SourceForge

Oshon Software Project

PIC18, PIC16, PIC, AVR, PIC10, Z80 and 8085 Simulator IDEs with Basic compiler, assembler, disassembler and debugger. Affordable and user-friendly graphical development environments for Windows.

Pic Compiler Basic Avr Ide


Sitio web del lenguaje de programación Pauscal

Pauscal Programming Language Spanish Debugger

RAISONANCE, MCU application development solutions

Raisonance brand application development tools (compilers, debuggers, programmers, integrated development environments) for ARM Cortex, ARM7, ARM9, 8051 (80C51), 8052, STM8, ST7, CoolRISC, Cortus and MRK core-based microcontrollers.

Microelectronics Embedded Systems Applications Development


VSAntivirus: Estar informado para estar seguro. Alertas diarias sobre todas las amenazas informáticas, para que el conocimiento sea nuestra principal arma de defensa.

Adware Alerta Antivirus Avp Banear

Winpdb - A Platform Independent Python Debugger

Winpdb is a platform independent GPL Python debugger with support for multiple threads, namespace modification, embedded debugging, encrypted communication and is up to 20 times faster than pdb.

Python Debugger

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