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Welcome to the Kenpo Net

The KenpoNet is all about Kenpo. It features one of the most popular discussion forums, an archive of articles and information, black belt family tree, studio directory, online mall, and much much more.

Kenpo Kempo American Lineage Family

The Kenpo Connection!

The One Kenpo Karate Site Devoted to the Pursuit of the Historical Truth About Kenpo

Kenpo Karate Connection Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts Classes in Antioch/Brentwood California

Antioch/Brentwood's Best Kids Martial Arts & Self Defense Classes in Contra Costa County, California. Teaching children to have increased levels of confidence, improving their attention span and giving them the ability to defends against a bully.

Martial Arts Lessons Kids Karate - Home

Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu Dublin, Ireland

Shotokan Ryu TAE Kwondo Kung

EBM Kung Fu Academy

The EBM Kung Fu Academy is a traditional Kung Fu school in North Oakland California, USA. Founded in 1993, the purpose of EBM is to provide the public with authentic instruction in the Chinese martial arts of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, San Shou (Chinese Kick Boxing), Hsing I Ch'uan and T'ai Chi Ch'uan.…

Kung Kettle Bells Tai Chi

RyuTe RenMei - Official Web Site of Taika Seiyu Oyata

This site is a dedicated to a lifetime of training with Taika Seiyu Oyata and his RyuTe Ren Mei.

Ryu Defense Self Kempo Kenpo

Martial Arts Network The/Karate Network/Since 1995

World's first electronic forums dedicated to promoting the future of martial arts.

Karate Kid Martial Arts Kickboxing

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