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American Society for Psychical Research

The American Society for Psychical Research is the oldest psychical research organization in the United States. Founded in 1885, the ASPR has supported the scientific investigation of extraordinary, or yet unexplained phenomena that have been called psychic or paranormal. The ASPR maintains a one-of-a-kind…

ASPR Psychical Research Psychic Phenomena


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LD4all - the lucid dreamers community. Guide on lucid dreams, dream control, conscious dreaming.

Lucid - or Conscious Dreaming is to dream and know you are dreaming. Here you will learn how to become aware of the dreaming state so you can take control of your dreams. Join the forum and be a part of the lucid dreamers community

Lucid Dreamers Community Guide Dreams

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Mark Reep: Dreams In Black and White

Mark Reep: Dreams In Black and White. Original drawings, photographs, greeting cards, matted and framed prints available.

Mark Reep Art Artist Fine

Natural Healing Tools - Home

Natural Healing Tools health products to improve our health & the wellness of our customers. YES PEO supplement, Mind Machines, Ancient Mineral Oil, Thermotech, Humineral, Springreen, Mega Chi, WaveShield, EMF Protection, Meditation, QLink, EarthCalm. Natural Healing Tools is the home of alternative…

Natural Healing Tools YES Efa

Welcome to the site of the Fringe Dweller | Fringe Dweller: an afterlife paramedic

'I’m a Fringe Dweller. My guides told me it was my job to 'transport people to death'. They also told me I was a buffer between two worlds, the waking reality, and what’s considered the ‘other side’. As a lucid dream medium, I interact and play in the sandbox of the spirit world.

Spirit Rescue Paranormal Out Body

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