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Fingerprint Car Locks Biometrics Lock

EEMBC - Embedded Microprocessor Benchmarks

EEMBC, an industry alliance, develops benchmarks to help system designers select the optimal processors and understand the performance and energy characteristics of their systems. EEMBC has benchmark suites targeting cloud and big data, autonomous vehicles, mobile devices (for phones and tablets), networking,…

EEMBC Benchmark Microprocessor Processor Embedded

KinTech - Electronics Engineering & Product Development

We help our customers develop electronic products for a wide range of mechanical devices and inventions. Kintech offers printed circuit board design, development, testing and assembly.

Embedded Microcontroller Control Microprocessor Pcb

IMS Distributor of Meters, Instruments

meters,instruments:ATC,A&M,Asahi,Beckman,Brighton,CEHCO.Econo-Meter,Electro-Numerics,Empro Manufacturing, GMC Instruments,Instrument Transformers,ITI,JBT Instruments,Jewell Electrical Instruments,LFE/api,Martek,Martel Electronics, MTP Instruments,NK Technologies,Northern Instruments,Pomona Electronics,SELCO/ASAHI,SIFAM,Simpson…

Air Velocity Meters Ammeters Analog

Moxon Design: Moxon Design

Moxon Design: Topis in Integrated Circuit and Electronic Product Design

MOXON Design Microprocessor FPGA ASIC

PT Tech - Powering Innovation pttech

PT Tech: Powering Innovation. A leading manufacturer of a complete line of Friction Torque Limiters, Diesel Engines Clutches, Brakes, Gearboxes, and Electronic Microprocessor Controls for Extreme Machines. Known for exceptional quality and long-lasting performance, our products are on equipment in the…

Tech International Brakes Diesel Engine

Tangent Research | Research and Development and Business Development

Tangent Research was created to develop new cutting-edge technologies, identify global market opportunities, and provide the necessary guidance to capitalize on potential government and commercial applications.

Bluetooth Find Blue Tooth Wireless

Space-Tech Laboratory - High-End Audio 

Space-Tech Labratory High-End Audio

End Audio Space Tech Lab

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