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Racism shock therapy in diversity education: American Pictures!

Most popular campus lecture on racism, racial discrimination, oppression, poverty, slavery and social injustice - more than 4,000 presentations in USA and Europe. Ideal for black history month, sociology, cultural diversity and conflict resolution

Racism Racial Discrimination Prejudice Oppression

Ayn Rand Institute: Articles on Current Events

Articles on current events from the pro-reason, pro-freedom, pro-capitalism perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism. Spokesmen available.

Eds Opinions Editorials Press Releases

HonestThinking - culture, politics, science, philosophy

honest discussions of topics related to culture, politics, science, philosophy, multiculturalism, islam, muslims, race, gender, ethnicity, biology, evolution, sociobiology, evolutionary psychology, creationism, and more

Honest Thinking Culture Politics Science

Invasion Of Tasmania - Aboriginal Land

Used for information and research by students and educational institutions worldwide, the Indigenous Australia has quickly established itself as a valuable resource on Aboriginal art, history and culture in Australia.

Aboriginal Art Australia Buy Online

Native Born - Blog

Diversity, Dialogue and Multiculturalism in the U.S.

Native Born Diversity Dialogue Multiculturalism

PALETWEB.NL | Unity in Multiculturism

PALETWEB.NL | On Promoting Multiculturalism | Understanding Other Cultures | Teaching Diverse Learners | Practical Ways to Help Refugees | Refugee Crisis

Paletweb Unity Multiculturism Promoting Multiculturalism

Welcome To The Free State Of PIG!

PIG: Our objective is to critique, humiliate, satirize and stigmatize those zealous (ex) individuals, institutions and organizations that seek to impose their Cultural Marxism on sovereign individuals.

Politically Incorrect Gazette Political Correctness

Education for Social Justice, Democracy, and Equality

Rich Gibson's Home Page for a Democratic Society

Rich Gibson Democratic Society Democracy

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