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Versification, classique - néoclassique. CONCOURS DE POÉSIE. - 2007 - Le Monde 2 Debbie : 2ème prix. - 2008 - RENCONTRES EUROPEENNES EUROPOESIE Diplômes d'honneur en catégorie Poème court, Haïku et en catégorie libre; SOROPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL catégorie neoclassique : 2ème prix. Poésie en…

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David Barr-Yaffe, C.A.S. Filmsound Production Sound Mixing For Movies Television Commercials Documentaries

Production Sound Mixing Mixer for Movies Television Commercials Documentaries Web YouTube Emmy Award Winning Oscar Winning

Filmsound David Barr Yaffe Sound

The Alpha and the Omega

'The Alpha and the Omega' by Jim A. Cornwell - copyright 1995, explores the correlations of Star Charts, symbols of the Zodiac or Mazzaroth in a teleological pattern relating to events, numbers, chronology and lifes of the Biblical patriarchs from Genesis through Revelation.

Creation Evolution Constellations Mazzaroth Host

Noah Momodu – KBKJNR


Noah Momodu Ndash Kbkjnr Tant

Stephanie Ward

Photography by Noah Kalina. The coolest thing I’ve ever done is win the gold medal at the Junior Olympics for Jump Roping, twice. Life has been mostly d...

Stephanie Ward Photography Noah Kalina


In reality, we know that the Universe is a violent and continually changing place that was born in a mere nanosecond of time in the spectacular event we call the Big Bang.

Universe Birth Birthday Wishes Quotes

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