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Cycads,Palms & More - November 2017 - Last update: 11/01/17

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Latifrons Madfox Madagascar Foxtail Trapps Valley Green Hills

France - Palmier .com : le monde des palmiers

la culture des palmiers en France

Trachycarpus Phoenix Sabal Palmiers France

Hardy Tropicals for Northern Gardens

The most hardy palms, bananas, citrus, and cacti can survive temperatures down to -20*F. Northern gardeners can use them to get the tropical look.

Windmill Palm Trachycarpus Fortunei Dwarf


Un jardin en Seine-et-Marne. Visite du jardin en photos. Quelques conseils de jardinage et un calendrier des travaux à effectuer au jardin chaque mois.

Jardin Jardinage Fleur Plante Plantation

Gerry's Jungle

This page explores the possibilities of growing hardy palms in the cold north such as Georgia, and north. The hardiest palms, other unusual plants, are described along with local pictures and links.

Hardy Palms Palm Tree Hearty

Exoten und Palmen Claus Willich

Exoten und Palmen in Willich, Pflege , Winterschutz, Beschreibungen, Erfahrungen, Tipps, Auspflanzung, winterharte Palmen

Palmen Trachycarpus Fortunei Winterschutz Freilandpalmen

Palms Northwest, supplier of cold hardy palm trees in the northwest

Palms Northwest, supplier of cold Hardy palm trees, chinese windmill palms in the Pacific Northwest, cold hardy to 5 degrees

Palms Northwest Cold Hardy Trachycarpus

Sculptural Plants

Silk Tree Nurseries, Sculptural Plants.

Silk Tree Albizzia Julibrissin Wisteria


Versandgärtnerei für winterharte Exoten, hardy exotics in germany, online nursery, plant-information, yucca, palms, bananas, opuntia, dasylirion, nolina, eucalyptus

Hardy Exotics Uuml Belpflanzen Winterharte

Tropengarten Basis-Seite

winterharte Exoten, hardy exotics in germany, plant-information, yucca, palms, bananas, opuntia, dasylirion, nolina, eucalyptus, mediterranean plants

Hardy Exotics Winterharte Palmen Uuml

Retail Webshop for Desert and Tropical Plants

Sale / Verkoop / Verkauf: Yucca, Agave, Dasylirion, Caudex plants, Palm trees, tree ferns, bonsai trees and more!

Tropical Centre Yucca Trachycarpus Fortunei

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